Can You Feel This?

from Present Tense by Zhao



Can you feel this? Can you?
Could you feel this? Could you?

sensing seeking reaching grasping
holding onto something lasting
chasing ever after in the past
no complaints when we're together
only wish it'd be forever
make another memory make it last

sensitive minds would like to know
what turns you on?
reaching new heights with every goal
or making love?
what's the smallest thing that gives you a rush
You couldn’t have said it before
but you feel it now

Can you feel this? can you?
Could you feel this? could you?

all that falls between the cracks
eventually comes floating backwards
underneath the current of events
what was once a passing matter
passes on in clouds that gather
pouring down like teardrops in the end

curious eyes meet furrowed brows,
to take a shot-
where is the switch and where's the keyhole
to unlock?
What’s the smallest thing that gives you a rush
it’s not always easy to find
can you feel it…

what do you intend, when you bend towards me
from a wayward breeze,
or the weigh-ed down bough of a tree
do you try to deify things outside
that would make you a king
or at least
the keeper of your own


from Present Tense, track released September 1, 2022
written and recorded by Kenny Zhao
mastered by Matthew McQueen


all rights reserved



Zhao Los Angeles, California

Kenny Zhao is a composer, artist, and digital tinkerer who is exploring the relationship between compost and creative practice.

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