In Other News

from Present Tense by Zhao



In other news...prices are up.
In other news…you’ve fallen in love
in other news...what you love may be killing you.

in other news...the shower got hot quicker than usual.
in other news...the hottest new sensation!
in other news...perhaps it was all just your imagination

In other finally did it!
In other news...a huge step in the right direction
In other news...everyone has been worried sick

in other news…the bill of lading date is wrong on the email you sent.
in other news…the words in your last song don’t make any sense.
in other news…no one is paying close enough attention

in other news…devices are to blame
in other news…you have no self-control.
in other news…trust no one.

in other news…we’re all fraying at the edges
in other news…death - sure is scary!
In other news…this. is not. normal.

in other news…it’s all falling apart
in other news…it’s all going according to plan
in other news…it’s been right here, all along.

in other news...we’re all asleep.
in other news...we’re the sheep
in other news...

the buzzing swarm of activity demands your attention.
Things are getting…real.
Which is to say, things are getting serious.
if you’re not angry,
you’re not paying attention
it’s time to pick a side
because everything we know
and everything we love
is ending
and we must do everything
to stop it from ending
and the bottom line is...

there is no time.
there is no time.
there is no time.


from Present Tense, track released September 16, 2022
written and recorded by Kenny Zhao
mastered by Matthew McQueen


all rights reserved



Zhao Los Angeles, California

Kenny Zhao is a composer, artist, and digital tinkerer who is exploring the relationship between compost and creative practice.

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