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~ Opening verse ~

I feel inspired again
I feel a fire w/in
my ancestors FaceTime me
talk through my pen
they use me as limbs
I’m so tired though Kenny
I am tired of strength

a hundred thousand thoughts a minute
spinning in my head like
I spit the dream and live the thing
my purpose here to spread light

This is melanin and moonlight

Scrolling through
Scrolling through
all of lifes misery
laugh in a ceilings face
I posses inner g
came out the other side
South and I’m centralized
Crenshaw & 54th
south of the city be
more than just home to me
That’s my geography
I make the movement move
universe listening
its enough of be who I am
so why just pretend to be
we talk about lifes ills
but who got the remedies?

I know what it is
because I know what it isn’t
I know what I am
I know thats an image
I been living my lyrics
no limits
i get it
my life is a limerick
I’m growing
I’m glowing
I’m crying
I’m triggered
I’m feeling

(Time & Pressure)

Closing verse::
we cooking w/ thee grease now
All the lynchings done by police now

I let the truth speak
I see the future
I read the tea leaves
I got no ceiling
I got a meeting
Cancel that meeting
board w/ it ojie
I’m thinking free today
I feel this deeply
so I’m fearless w/ this message
all My records are reflections
so I mirror every session
I am here and i am destined
I got songs I got theories
I’m the glass
never empty
cuz i’m thee water you feel me?
do it for my ppl
let em know that they ain't see through
I am here and I am with you and I feel you
I every chance I get I free em
Sparring w/ my demons every single weekend
that's on God Morgan Freeman


from Kenny's Room, track released August 7, 2020
~ Written by :: Emmanuel "def sound" Ricketts

~ Produced + Mixed + Mastered by :: Zhao.


all rights reserved



Zhao Los Angeles, California

Kenny Zhao is a composer, artist, and digital tinkerer who is exploring the relationship between compost and creative practice.

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