Time is Plastic!

from Present Tense by Zhao



We're all familiar with the concept of time warps. One moment, everything seems perfectly normal. The next- a surprise. You glance at the clock and are shocked to find that the time has moved either faster or slower than expected. How in the world did this happen? How could it be that I feel - behind - the present?

So before we all go checking our watches again, I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the nature of these timelines today.

How they stretch, and shrink, and grow
how they overlap, and bend, and break.
how they can vanish in some instances
and reappear elsewhere.
How the ones you thought you could outrun, in reality

in the time that it takes
to hear these words, one could say
echoes of the past get in the way
for as I try, to be clear
simple sounds, drawing near
your attention starts to slip away

not for long
do we have one another
where lines are drawn
we will meet between them
time marches on
but with your powers and mine
we can escape their draw
every now and then - and then - and then

Time is passing
time is plastic
time is passing
time is plastic
the time is passing
Time is passing
time is plastic
time is passing
time is plastic
the time is passing

(Are we synchronized?)
(Are we synchronized?)
(Are we synchronized?)

in these words, you may find
my attempts, to comply
keeping time takes all the time you've got
vain attempts, to control
still we know, in our soul
living things do not obey the clock
though the past, is behind
still it haunts in the mind


from Present Tense, track released October 30, 2022
written and recorded by Kenny Zhao
additional vocals by Annabelle Freedman and Jess Joy
mastered by Matthew McQueen


all rights reserved



Zhao Los Angeles, California

Kenny Zhao is a composer, artist, and digital tinkerer who is exploring the relationship between compost and creative practice.

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